Daily automations: Mastering Email Communication with Automated Mail Drafting

April 8, 2024

Email remains a critical communication tool in professional settings, but writing well structured mails can take a lot of time. LLMs shine as an automated drafting tool that transfers your requirements for a mail into a well-written text.

Introducing Daily Automations

This post is part of our "Daily Automations" series, where we explore how automating routine tasks can significantly boost efficiency and productivity. Each instalment focuses on practical tools and strategies to streamline processes that traditionally require considerable manual effort. Today, we're diving into how LLMs can help with email communication, saving you time and enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of your messages.


You need to organise a kick-off meeting for a new internal project, "Automailer." This project aims to streamline responding to common questions from clients, making communication more efficient. You want to ask about people's availability but emphasise that the project should start soon.


Generate an email:
* Kickoff meeting for a new internal project called "Automailer"
* Project aims to automate communication with clients asking about FAQ
* Ask about availability but make sure to mention that it should start soon
* Be direct but polite
* The mail should be compact

Note that a prompt is structure as a list of your requirements for a mail. Writing a list of thoughts like this takes significantly less time than writing a mail draft from scratch.


Below, you can find a draft created using the prompt we supported LLM with. Now, you can quickly change the bits you are not satisfied with and send the mail:

Subject: Scheduling Kickoff Meeting for "Automailer" Project

Dear Team,

I hope this message finds you well. We are excited to embark on a new internal project, "Automailer", aimed at automating our responses to frequently asked client questions. This initiative is critical for enhancing our client communication efficiency.
We are looking to schedule a kickoff meeting to dive into the project specifics and outline our next steps. Given the project's urgency, we aim to get started as soon as possible.

Could you please share your availability for a brief meeting within the next week? Your participation is crucial, and we'll do our best to accommodate everyone's schedules.

Thank you for your cooperation and prompt response.

Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Contact Information]


Automated mail drafts show the practical application of LLMs in automating routine yet essential tasks. It also utilises a very good usage pattern of generative AI where a human expert's knowledge is codified into a simple requirements list and AI is responsible for creating a well-written draft. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures consistency and professionalism in communication. Through the "Daily Automations" series, we aim to showcase a variety of tools and strategies to automate daily tasks, empowering you to focus on more strategic initiatives and drive efficiency in your professional life. Stay tuned for more insights on automating your workflow to achieve greater productivity.

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